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About our wines

The cultivation of our vineyards is done by my father Bruno. He carefully manages all the production stages, from the pruning to the final harvest. In our vineyards we do not use herbicidal products and the number of treatments is reduced to the minimum required, in order to protect the land and soil, the consumers health as well as the environment in which we live in. We believe frimly that great wines come from healthy soil.

The grapes reach our cellar in perforated cases after being handpicked. From there the process of turning the grapes into the precious “Bacchus nectar”. To achieve well balanced wines, all the grapes are carefully selected on their exposure to the sun, yield and type of soil. All these steps result into great quality wines, both to our “daily” wines as well as to our top wines. 

The traditional Barbera d’Alba “Donia” is vinified in stainless steel tanks, while “Monfrini” and “Pasau” are aged in quality oak barrels for sixteen months; Bonarda Piemontese is an autochthonous wine from our area, as well as Langhe Dolcetto and Piemonte Grignolino. Roero Arneis “Monfrini” (which owns a DOCG-label since 2005), Langhe Arneis, Chardonnay from the “Cherpore” vineyard, and finally an exclusive Passito from Arneis grapes.

Our cellar is open to visits year-round and we will be pleased to show you our vineyards to provide you with further details, anecdotes and experiences about our cultivation methods and to invite you to taste our wines, giving to you a glance of the beautiful reality we live in!

Arrivederci da Maurizio & Claudia


Vineyard: Montemolino
Grapes: Dolcetto

Dolcetto “Montemolino” is grown on clay soil. After careful pruning we obtain excellent bunches, full of sugar and with a reduced acidity. The product is vinified traditionally and results in a sophisticated red wine, full of fruity perfumes, elegant and intense.


Vineyard: Donia
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Over the last year I have decided to create a new and different Barbera d’Alba (quality with a full bodied flavour) and I've managed to get that result without the use of wooden barrels, just using stainless steel tanks. This allows to enhance the pleasant and fresh fruity perfume of the Barbera grape, to get the genuine taste of the Barbera and to discover the full set of features of it.


Vineyard: Monfrini
Grapes: Barbera

This Barbera is produced from grapes grown in the unique Cru, Monfrini. The wine ages 16 months oak barrels after a second malolactic fermentation and finally it is bottled after a small assemblage. A wine rich in anthocyans, it offers a range of spicy fragrances and an elegantly full aroma with a delicate scent of vanilla.


Vineyard: Albazzi
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo Albazzi is cultivated in clay soil. After refining in wood, the caracteristics of the grapes change into more elegant and rigorous fragrances, this resulting in a wine with a good structure and not particularly aggressive in tannin. Its vinification is the same as for the Roero wine and its aging takes place in large oak barrels for ten months.


Vineyard: Cru Monfrini
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Roero wine, Monfrini cru, is aged for 16 months in small high quality oak barrels. Its bouquet is full of intense fruity flavours and its taste is pleasantly smooth, with a delicate scent of vanilla, avoiding the astringent tannins typical for Nebbiolo.


Vineyard: Pasau
Grapes: Barbera

The grapes coming from the Pasau vineyard (positioned west) are well suited for obtaining this fruity, young and vibrant wine.
Drink fresh during the summer, but also enjoyable during meals for its structure, to accompany meat dishes.


Vineyard: Casarito
Grapes: Chardonnay

International grape variety, which offers different characteristics depending on the geographical position of the terrain.
In the Roero, with its rich minerality, the wine expresses an elegant bouquet with floral scents and is harmonious and structured in the taste that makes it unique.


Vineyard: Monfrini
Grapes: Arneis

Roero Arneis is a DOCG labelled wine. Its vinification is partly made of Arneis fermented in small new oak barrels and after that assembled into the mass. The wine gives a pleasant vanilla taste full of fruity flavours which are charateristic for these autochthonous grapes


Vineyard: Cru Monfrini
Grapes: Arneis

At the Roero border ly these vineyards. Due to its loose soil and minerals, Langhe territory gives this white wine called Langhe Arneis its elegant scents and flavors.
To be consumed at 10-12 ° C as an aperitif or with fish dishes.


Vineyard: Albazzi
Grapes: Chardonnay/Arneis/Nebbiolo

Our sparkling wine was born from a passion, reviving the culture of the classic Method in Piedmont.
The wine obtained from the Chardonnay and a mix of native grape varieties is a niche product.
Prior to marketing it spends a minimum of 48 months in the bottle until it reaches 72 months.
The production is 2600 bottles.


Wine obtained from over-ripe grapes
Grapes: Arneis

Our passito wine is produced from the selection of thinned-out-grapes and riper bunches, which are handpicked and put in to suitable perforated cases to wither. The withering period lasts from September to January, and from 100kg of grapes we obtain 30 liters of finished wine: its yield is low, but its quality and concentration are very high. Once the grapes have been pressed, the must starts its fermentation in a stainless steel tank where it is kept for a month. After fermentation, the wine is poured into a barrique where it matures for ten more months. Finally it will be filtered and bottled. It has a fine and persistent bouquet with honey notes, its palate is round and soft and the sweetness and alcohol are well balanced. The alcoholic content is 14,5% vol..